Pieter Vanderpol

Full Stack Web Developer

Vancouver, BC

About Me

Programming hobbyist turned bootcamp grad and open source contributor looking to make software my career!

I put a lot of emphasis on code quality, asking good questions, and investing in my practical skillset.

Always doing my best to extand my horizons, and learn from mistakes.


  • Languages: Javascript/Typescript, Python, ReasonML, C/C++
  • Front End: CSS3, HTML5, React, Electron, jQuery, Webpack, jNinja
  • Back End: NodeJS, Flask, Ruby On Rails
  • Testing: Jest, Mocha, Chai, RSpec
  • Database: PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB
  • DevOps: Git, Linux, Docker, Vagrant



Synchronized Youtube videos.

Watch videos together with a group of people online, and vote on the next video to be played. Features video synchronization, and a drag and drop ordering interface used for preference-order-based voting. stack: React, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL


Discord Bot

Serves data on the internals of one of my favorite games via a set of simple fuzzy-searched commands. Includes gifs/images, and interfaces with google sheets as a data source. Written in Python.


Watch chess Engines compete for elo!

ChessArena is an experimental project I’m building to try and replicate the challenges faced by apps with lots of asynchronous communication, computationally intensive workloads, and real-time analytics.

stack: Nodejs, Typescript, React, rxjs

VSCode Open-Source Contributions

Open source is Fun!

I’ve made a few small contributions to Microsoft’s VSCode, a popular open-source text editor. The process of submitting and iterating on pull requests improved my understanding of how to ask for feedback on desired behaviour, code quality, as well as how to effectively propose code changes, among other things. Also, perhaps most importantly, it really improved my process when it comes to grappling with a new codebase/feature.


Experiments in ReasonML and minesweeper engines!

Basic implementation of minesweeper using ReasonReact along with bot that can play it. Built to get more into functional programming and algebraic data-structures with the language ReasonMl.


Find cool places to visit and share your own.

Allows its users to create, edit, display, and share maps containing points of interest. Uses the Google maps API.

stack: jQuery, NodeJS, Express, Knex, PostgreSQL


Lighthouse Labs(Vancouver)

Certificate in Web Development

April - July 2019

Coding Bootcamp with immersive, up-to-date project-based learning.

Lighthouse Labs is a fantastic coding bootcamp that improved my programming skills tremendously, introduced me to cornerstone web technologies, and gave me experience working with others in a fast-paced environment. Importantly, I also found that I still greatly enjoyed software development after spending an inordinate amount of time immersed in it.

Skills Developed:

  • Collaborative software planning, design and development
  • Restful API and Database Schema design
  • Researching feature viability
  • Working with and meeting business requirements
  • Automated Testing
  • General programming ability

Independent Study

Summer 2017 - Present

Programming started out as an occasional hobby that I enjoyed, but over time has consumed more and more of my attention with new projects, curiosities, and ideas. The volume of resources dedicated to programming online has made my time spent online unexpectedly productive, though of course there are always areas where I should probably spend more time(and some where I should spend less).

General Skills Developed:

  • Computational Problem Solving
  • Independent Troubleshooting and Debugging
  • How to use the Internet to learn things quickly
  • How to ask questions people want to answer

Technical Skills Developed:

  • Data-Structures and Algorithms
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Functional Programming
  • Linux Shell Scripting
  • Linux Command Line Utilities and General System Architecture
  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision basics